The Mother of The Bride To Do List

Oct 5, 2015

The rules may be less formal now, but every wedding role has it’s duties! We take a look at the role of the modern Mother of the Bride. Whether you want to dive in and get involved from top to bottom or take a more relaxed stance, offering advice when the bridal party come to you, we discuss the traditional, and timeless, responsibilities.


First and foremost, you will be a first-point of call for support from the bride or groom. If the bride needs a hand, offer your name to co-ordinate the florists, planners or venue to ease some of their burden. Often, a contact book passed to a Mother of the Bride can greatly reduce stress for the busy bride.


Maintaining tradition

Some of the best support you can offer is passing on your wisdom. Cultural family traditions can be a stunning addition to a ceremony and means they will continue to yet another generation. Gather information to pass on to the bride or groom to help them design their unique celebration.

Something Borrowed (Or Bestowed!) 

There’s nothing more personal than a beautiful family heirloom, and it is a popular choice for the ‘something old’, ‘something borrowed’ and even occasionally ‘something blue’!. If there are any gifts in your family you think might be suitable, now’s the time to say.


Let’s Go Shopping

Traditionally, mothers will accompany their daughters on the search for The Dress. From giving honest feedback, a well-needed hug or smile, or simply to share in the joy of the day – sometimes Mother really does know best.

A Warm Welcome

The Mother of the Bride is traditionally the hostess, helping each guest to feel personally welcome. Although formal reception lines are now uncommon, making the effort to greet and visit each guest is important to bring the wedding party together. You will be welcoming a whole new family in to your own, and there’s no better way to do it than with open arms.


Helping Hands

Helping the bride into her dress and placing her veil is, and will always remain, such a sweet, time-honored tradition. This gentle moment makes a beautiful memory to last a lifetime.


Dancing shoes

After the bride and groom perform the first dance, it’s your time to hit the floor! Time to shine


What is most important to remember is what a special occasion you are spending, and sharing together. As with any momentous event, there will be tensions and obstacles to overcome on the way, but the result is a beautiful moment shared for life.


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