Essential Mother of the Bride Styling Tips

Oct 13, 2015

1. The golden rule of style is to work with what you have, highlighting your most beautiful features. A knee length, tailored fit is fantastic for elongating and showcasing legs

2. Consider your outfit as a whole and try and ensure it is balanced. A striking print is always a chic statement to make – pair it with a co-ordinating plain fabric jacket for maximum style points that shows off the print of your dress without overpowering it.

JC PR AW15 - 940

3. Work with your skintone. For fair skin, choose delicate shades of green and blue. If you are olive skinned, choose warm colours, from vibrant pinks and yellows to the warmer shades of khaki green as they will reflect a rosy glow against your skin. Dark skin tones are highly reflective and sparkle in jewel tones like amethyst, ruby and turquoise.

4. Think crease-proof. You’ll be up and down all day, from church, to reception to the dancefloor, and you need an outfit that can keep up with you. Silk jacquards and plain wool crêpes work really well to keep you elegant from day to night.


5. Work to complement the colour palette – not match it! Look at the scheme of the bridal party and see how to complement, while looking striking. If the bridesmaids are in lilac, go for a rich, deep purple accent.

6. Be adventurous with your hat choice. It’s the eternal signature of glamour, and a form of costume that gives you confidence. A comfortable, securely placed hat is always going to look gorgeous.

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7. If you are in a full length dress for the day, choose a stylish fascinator to accessorise.

8. The angle you use to position your hat completely depends on the style but as a general rule, we find slanting forwards at a slight angle looks really elegant.

9. Don’t be afraid of ivory. The rules have relaxed and (with the consent of the bride), ivory is an eternally stylish, modern choice for the mother of the bride.

JC PR AW15 - 666

10. Our timeless styling tip from Creative Director Regine Ellis:

“Less is more. When you’ve finished putting everything on: hat, earrings, rings, bracelet and heels, take a long look and take one thing off.”

Trust us – it works.

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